Freshly ground Espresso blend coffee


Espresso topped up with hot water – Black or white


Espresso stained with a little steamed milk froth


Equal thirds Espresso, steamed milk and froth, topped with chocolate

Caffe Latte

One third Espresso, mixed with two thirds steamed milk

Caffe Mocha

Espresso blended with chocolate, topped off with frothy steamed milk


Espresso topped with water and blended with condensed milk


Selection of fruit & herbal teas

Hot Chocolate

A creamy blend of real chocolate and steamed milk

Iced Coffee

A blend of Espresso and milk, poured over ice, with any flavoured syrup

Guest flavour
of the event

Black forest cherry latte, Bakewell tart latte, Jaffa Cake latte – as an example


Our coffee beans are sourced from the best growing regions around the world. Only the highest-quality, premium beans are used for our house blend and speciality, single source guest coffees.