About Stimulatte

Hello, my name is Steve. I’m a very passionate coffee enthusiast and I’d like to introduce you to Stimulatte coffee and barista service.

The idea for Stimulatte was born in 2015. While attending various security industry events and business exhibitions, I was disappointed at being served mediocre coffee. As a result I had the desire to provide consumers with a high-quality coffee experience, away from the traditional café or coffee shop environment.

Stimulatte has steered away from the pretentiousness that can sometimes be found within the coffee industry. We feel that you don’t have to be a hipster or a purist to enjoy a gourmet coffee experience. You will find therefore, that we are simply passionate about our product.

Because we are all about the coffee, we pride ourselves on being plain talking and matter-of-fact. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality coffee, using our knowledge, passion and expertise to create outstanding drinks and all at a fair price.


100% Hipster-free  +  Open and approachable  +  All about the coffee  =  Stimulatte


If you would like more information about Stimulatte, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.